Deep Penetration

The Art of Ecstatic Sex and Tantra

“Deep Penetration”
from the book The Love Keys — The Art of Ecstatic Sex
A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment
By Diana Richardson

Generations of women have failed to experience their divine orgasmic potential, the female delight of sensuality and love through sex. The Garden of Love, the secret gateway to sexual ecstasy for women and men, lies abandoned, untouched, and overgrown with straying weeds. All the emotional memories of a woman’s painful sexual experiences such as rape, abortion, aggression, and abuse leave their psychological imprint in this deepest part of the vagina. This causes constriction in the vaginal tissues making the walls tough and unyielding. In this way, there is an ongoing protective defense set up in the tissues, and the vagina contracts instinctively during intercourse, inhibiting deeper penetration. This means that the powerful positive penis head is unable to correspond smoothly and directly with its negative counterpart in the very depths of the vagina, thus affecting the energy flow.

Women’s sexual ecstasy
For a woman to experience these ecstatic energies in the depths of her vagina, the tensions and disturbance created by past events must slowly be released so that the woman’s negative pole becomes simple and innocent with a welcoming receptivity. She is then able to fully receive and utilize the positive male energy to circulate within her. The more sensitized the penis and vagina are to each other, and the longer a couple make love in this trusting way, the more it leads to an ecstatic experience of lovemaking. The energy exchange between the sexual organs is thrilling enough to root you firmly in the here and now, creating the dimension of Tantra very naturally.

Penetrate the depths and stay still
To strengthen the original nature of this polarity effect in our organs of love, they need to be consciously healed and purified of toxic tensions. This is done through deep, sustained penetration. For the woman, the focal area for healing is located deep at the top of the vagina. It includes the sides of the upper vaginal canal and up and around the cervix, which protrudes into this part of the vagina. This is her Garden of Love, the place where she will first know true ecstasy in sex. When a woman is touched this deeply and consciously by the penis, she may experience real love in her body through sex for the first time. A friend experienced it as a pearl rolling all the way up from the penis into her heart. Here where she is pure woman, her heart opens beautifully and naturally, but it so rarely happens. Instead, penetration is limited to short thrusts focused on the first few centimeters of the vagina where several strong rings of muscle are found encircling the entrance. Friction-like rapid movements back and forth at the entrance have the effect of creating intense pleasure which leads to excitement and thereby an interest in orgasm. Through this, women’s interest has been drawn away from the awareness of this jewel in her upper vagina. Seldom has she had the opportunity to feel it with true tenderness and thus the source of her true femininity lies untapped.

Women (and men’s) dependence on the clitoris for female orgasm has not helped matters as far as vaginal consciousness is concerned. Countless women do not know the satisfaction of a full vaginal orgasm, and so for many of us the clitoris becomes the prime focus while making love. By making aggressive thrusting pelvic movements aimed at stimulating the clitoris, she is able to create the necessary excitement for orgasm. Men too have become accustomed to giving women sexual satisfaction through the clitoris. The outcome of a lot of sexual excitement has been a relative desensitizing of the vagina. In the upper part she is protective, and in the lower part she is tense, tough and expectant.


5 Responses to Deep Penetration

  1. WayneCider says:

    This is an amazing description of what my wife and I discovered on our own six months ago.

  2. SuzieHeumann says:

    Some people, and couples, get lucky, without much formal training, on how to open the “portal” on their own. What comes next may be an exploration of the actual techniques to crack the door open wider for an even more expanded experience. Keep exploring! Blessings

  3. Ana says:

    I think I am in the process of that cleansing.I will share this with my husband.

  4. WayneCider says:

    Just finished a marathon sex session with my wife yesterday, and we spent most of it firmly pressed deep inside, all the way against her back wall. We have two favorite positions that we use to reach and stay that deep. I was thinking about this article every time she had her deepspot orgasms.

  5. WayneCider says:

    It’s me again with an update…

    We got a Liberator Esse a few months ago and finally figured out the perfect position for the deepest possible penetration. It’s a modified missionary position and the movements are small but intense.

    Since the movements are so small, it’s also very relaxing. We’ve gone as long as an hour and a half straight with that one position. It’s become our favorite way of having sex.

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