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Emerging from a desire to dispel misconceptions surrounding Tantra, Tantra.org is an upcoming online platform driven by community engagement. Its purpose is to provide access to a wealth of educational resources on both Classical and Neo-Tantra.

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What is Classical Tantra?

Traditional Tantra, which emerged in the Indian subcontinent over 1,500 years ago, is a multifaceted spiritual movement deeply rooted in Indian philosophy. It encompasses a wide array of practices, including yoga, meditation, and rituals, all aimed at cultivating heightened awareness and a more intimate connection with reality. Tantra's sacred texts, such as the Tantras and Agamas, provide guidance on these practices and the exploration of the interconnectedness of all things. Its rich symbolism, use of mantras and yantras, and, in some branches, the symbolism of sexuality and Kundalini, make it a complex and diverse tradition.

What is Neo-Tantra?

Neo-Tantra, or modern Tantra, is a Western reinterpretation of traditional Tantra practices. It emphasizes personal growth, spirituality, and, at times, sexuality. Neo-Tantra adapts these principles to Western culture, often incorporating elements of psychology and self-help. It lacks the strict lineage found in traditional Tantra and is eclectic, drawing from various sources. It places a strong emphasis on consent, ethics, and safety in its practices.

Is Tantra = Sexuality?

The Tantra tradition is a spiritual and philosophical movement with a history spanning 1,500 years, originating in India. What sets Tantra apart from other spiritual paths is its unique approach to spiritual liberation within the context of everyday life, without the need for complete withdrawal from the world. Tantra celebrates the entirety of human existence, embracing all facets of life,

From this perspective, sexuality is recognized as an integral part of the human experience, one that can be approached with love and consciousness to facilitate personal growth and fulfillment. However, it is essential to grasp that Tantra extends beyond mere sexual practices, contrary to common misconceptions.