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Emerging from a desire to dispel misconceptions surrounding Tantra, Tantra.org is an upcoming online platform driven by community engagement. Its purpose is to provide access to a wealth of educational resources on both Classical and Neo-Tantra.

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What is Classical Tantra?

Traditional Tantra, which emerged in the Indian subcontinent over 1,500 years ago, is a multifaceted spiritual movement deeply rooted in Indian philosophy. It encompasses a wide array of practices, including yoga, meditation, and rituals, all aimed at cultivating heightened awareness and a more intimate connection with reality.

What is Neo-Tantra?

Neo-Tantra, or modern Tantra, is a Western reinterpretation of traditional Tantra practices, often incorporating elements of psychology and self-help. It lacks the strict lineage found in traditional Tantra and is eclectic, drawing from various sources.